Eyeshadow Bases Covered | Becca Ombre Palettes

BECCA has absolutely outdone themselves with these palettes, the BECCA Ombre Nudes and Ombre Rouge. In the world of highlighter-crazed You Tubers, 300-color shadow palettes, and ‘makeup hauls’ that seem to know no end, these simple, sophisticated palettes that come in two colorways do just about anything you could need or want for the eyes in small, sleek brown cases. The shadow formula is perfection; the buttery textures are milled so uberfine they almost go on like a cream, and they blend soft like a confectioner’s sugar. They focused on formula and color editing in such an amazing way, that these are the first palettes I can put in my suitcase (with a black eyeliner pencil and some brushes) and that’s it for eyes, done. I mean every shade is just right, the browns aren’t too gray or too red, the pinks aren’t too pink…you know what I’m saying. I’ve never had a palette that I didn’t build myself that was this curated, this perfect. The Ombre Nudes Palette is also great for contouring the whole face, and the formula far supersedes most contouring powders. I really love when beauty companies decide to make things easy, and that’s exactly what BECCA has done with these jewels.

Ombre Nudes
Ombre Rouge