Looking Fresh After 4pm | Rouge Bunny Rouge Captured Mist of Serenity Gentle Cleansing Water

This beautiful finishing water, Rouge Bunny Rouge Captured Mist of Serenity Gentle Cleansing Water  is a different peg in the cleansing water board. They are all similar, but all different, and a few I have really grown to love; this is one that I love, and here’s why: the 4pm face. Maybe you’re familiar with it, especially since we’re now in the ten day countdown to Christmas and the days have about three times the normal length and width to them. 4pm face can strike anytime of day, anytime when things just start to look a lot less “together”… and you don’t want to put more makeup on top of what’s been there all day, but you feel like you need more concealer, more blush, a restart on your lips, etc?

This water is the perfect partner to your touch up makeup products and it will keep you going without feeling so … 4pm. It’s main ingredient is Centuarea Cyanus Flower Water. It has a distinct smoothing effect on the skin, so while it cleanses, it doesn’t disrupt any underlying foundation layer but instead it smoothes and resurfaces it with one light swipe. With a few serious swipes, it will take everything off. The 4pm formula is this:

  • a light swipe of Captured Mist of Serenity around the eyes, lips, nose and cheeks
  • pat a touch on concealer on under the eyes and around the nose
  • powder if desired
  • reapply lipstick/gloss

And voila…longevity….

DV8T1674I also love this water as a last step in cleansing, much like a toner. It finishes, preps and smoothes so nicely.

paired with one of my favorite concealers, the uber natural T LeClerc Corrector Fluid in Fonce #3, this water is a hero around 4pm.