Bring on the Bath Treats

It’s that time of year when a good soak at the end of the day, is, well, in order. Well needed, maybe well deserved. Regardless, it’s cold, the days are hectic and long, and a little hot bath at the end of the day is the best. But even better is a hot bath, or shower with some stellar companion products like these. Also, all bath treats make the perfect gift so if you’re running out of time for mom, sis, or friends, it’s an easy go to to grab any of these.


Nuxe Prodigieux Shower Oil with Golden Shimmer is the perfect way to try the addictive French chic scent laced with magnolia, orange blossom, and vanilla. The oil can be used in the bath of shower, is superior in hydrating ability and may later become known as your gateway drug to the Prodigiuex parfum family.


The Organic Pharmacy Cleopatra’s Milk Bath This is the ultimate bath indulgence. A pure milk bath that softens the skin to an amazing silky soft feeling, a transformative soak to say the least. Smells subtly beautiful with Damascus Rose and Rose Geranium.  Changes the state of your winter skin.


Mio Skincare Liquid Yoga If shopping and working hasn’t been your biggest effort, and you’ve bene hitting the gym, the trails, or the slopes and you are sore or you have a cold or allergies weighing your head down- this one’s for you. Aromatherapy from their V-Tonic proprietary blend of herbs as well as arnica and magnesium go to work on your body and muscles like a massage. very warming, and your circulatory system’s best friend this winter…


Circ-Cell Red Algae Clarifying Masque A proper soak calls for a mask, since it’s the perfect time to soak in the steam and clean out those pores without having to take extra time out your day to use a mask. I really love this mask, and sometimes use it as a clay based cleanser as well, because it deep cleans skin like a vacuum and isn’t too harsh. It smells therapeutic and tightens and revitalizes as well. Tea tree, thyme, lavender and grape seed oil.


Natura Bisse Oxygen Finishing Mask  If you want a brightening, clarifying, quick pick me up, this contains hydrogen peroxide which turns to oxygen instantly when it hits the skin, and it combats any breakouts super gently, while freshening and livening up the winter complexion. Five minutes is all you need with this one.