Gadget Gifts (at 25% off)

My favorite gadgets that are super gift-able and now 25% at Chemistry through Christmas:

Glo Brilliant Teeth Whitening Device ($165 | reg $220) Gives them a lifetime of professional result teeth whitening combining the power of heat and light. Family can share the base unit and buy separate personal mouth pieces so makes it a great gift for a couple or fun gift to give each other…



Foreo Luna ($149.25 | reg $199) One of my favorite additions to Chemistry, which pretty much caused me to abandon spinning brush heads forever. Like a massage with a thousand fingers on your face. Bliss, with so many tightening and anti-aging benefits.DV8T1930

Baby Quasar Clear Rayz ($186.75 | reg $249) This light is currently under trial in my home and let me says it’s powerful. Requires wearing shades, and I’m super excited about long term use results! The device has two phases; the blue laser is for killing bacteria, and the red is anti-inflammatory and repairs scars as well. I *love* lasers.



As always, message, email or call 888.848.6440 to order!