Something (a little) Sparkly For Your Lashes

I may have shrieked when I first saw this lovely invention from ILIA. ILIA is quite an inventive brand, and they march to the beat of their own drum and don’t make copycat products; they redefine products in their own way – a very clean, green way, but their formulas and colors are fashion show ready pigment revolutions. So I was not surprised that they thought up this beautiful coat for lashes, but still it made me very happy.

ILIA Mascara in Macao

ILIA Mascara in Macao is a bronze shimmer coat for lashes that is soft and subtle but gilded, shimmery and starlit all at once, quite a rare feat to carry out. But this mascara is s-t-e-l-l-a-r. It works best a top coat on top of your regular black mascara in my opinion, but it is also quite pretty albeit more subtle alone, like a great brown with a bump of flash.


Don’t forget the bottom lashes, even if you never use black mascara on your bottom lashline, this is wearable and really pretty on the bottom lashes.