Blush In Winter

Yesterday was the first day of winter, and isn’t Winter partially responsible for blush in the first place? Coming in from the cold with freshly rosied cheeks makes the eyes pop and is a look worth imitating…spring, summer, fall or winter. But winter does call for an adjustment from the peachy coral pops of summer that look great when you have a tan, and slightly less great when you don’t.

Winter blush needs to go deeper, blushier, rosier, or something-er to really capitalize on the season, it’s colors, and the ever lightening tone of the skin. Done right, it’s just one of the prettiest things, even on an otherwise bare face.


I found a winter peach-ish blush for me that’s not too peachy and not too pink, it’s a cream formula so it sinks in so well, and it says healthy, fresh, and flushed like a good winter blush should: Kevyn Aucoin The Creamy Glow in Tresbelle. So soft, so pretty, layerable from light to dramatic, and just a lovely classic color.