Keeping the Face | Or Why Skindinavia Finishing Spray Is Major

Christmas Eve, and the marathon (hopefully happily) begins… House to house, party to party, if you get the time to get your makeup on, you sure hope it’s going to last…consider this mist your insurance policy. Against mid-day, or midnight makeup meltaway. From the same Scandinavian brand that invented the most popular setting mist out there, I use this everyday! Because it’s a hassle to put on makeup, and especially when you’re having fun – reapplying can be a drag.

This setting spray truly lends longevity to your morning – or evening – makeup work. It seals the pores in the lightest way, and makes everything look better right away, and much, much better as the day wears on.

Skindinavia The Makeup Finishing Spray is a fixture on my makeup table, something I don’t really want to bother doing my makeup without. The best product to have before the Holiday begins.