Power Pairings Day 1: Getting Skin Back Online

After too many holiday meals, too little sleep, too many temperature fluctuations, and way too much coffee, my post holiday skin definitely needs a reboot. I’m hitting it from both sides, with replenishing and anti-aging vitamin dosing and a new favorite love of mine, that’s something new in skincare: a skincare booster that works on top of your favorite serums and creams and revitalizes complexion – somewhat on the level of a good workout or a steam room. It’s from Nuxe and it’s called Nuxellence Detox. I got so excited when I first used this one night because I woke up with glowing skin…like I already put primer, foundation, and highlighter on or something! This power formula holds no fewer than ten (10) French patents – and I can see why. It’s different, and you use it in conjunction with what you are already using, not as a replacement. It’s composed of 91.7% natural ingredients including passion flower, poppy, and anchusa (from the borage family, famous for it’s super plumping and healing moisture powers). I look forward to this step every night and I keep the pretty purple bottle by my bed…

And since from the inside is where skin gets it most precious fuel, I’m adding an anti-aging, antioxidant, calming blend to my day from David Kirsch. What I love about his vitamin packs is they are portable, convenient, throw it in your purse, or just add to your water bottle and go convenience. They all taste great, but this one’s super tolerable, gentle on the stomach, calming and reviving.