Power Pairings Day 3: Flower Bath

I always make space for bath ritual items on this blog. One, because in my world, there’s few things a nice hot soak can’t cure or at least soothe, and two, bath products are for everyone, regardless of skin type, hair type, and all those distinctions. Three, they are so pretty and/or smell soooo good.

Molton Brown’s Pink Pepperpod candle reminds you that Spring isn’t too far off, and feels you have invited a bit of the warmth of May into your January bathroom, without being overly floral or heady. This warms with ginger, patchouli, and pink pepper. Dreamy.

Pair it with a mask that is both earthy (grounding) and floral (therapuetic):

The Organic Pharmacy Flower Petal Deep Cleanser & Mask is  dual-action cleanser that draw out impurities, brightens, and soothes at once. It’s a powder that you make into a paste by mixing with water in your hand then apply to the face, massage and steep. It has actual flower petals in it and smells like lemony rose garden. This brings nature right into the bath in such a visceral way. Super effective on the skin and outlook.