Power Pairings Day 4: Art for Hands

Last week I saw and absolutely loved the documentary Spinning Plates, a fresh documentary that covered the journey of three very different restaurants; but the jaw-dropping centerpiece of the story is the heart, ingenuity and resolve of a Chicago chef named Grant Achatz. This innovator (famous in the molecular gastronomy genre) is far better described as a storytelling artist: you have to see the documentary and hear him define food and dining – it is immensely thought provoking and touching. He embodies human creativity and mindfulness in creation the way great writers, inventors, and geniuses from history do. And it’s all based on simplicity. This is the way I like to look at cosmetics, skin care, what we put on our bodies. It’s an experience, a fragrance, a nostalgia, a comfort, and a treatment of course, but it so much more than just that.

DV8T2286Also there is a particular beauty company that reminds me of this attention to detail, in every scent, in every texture, every package, a company that pulls ingredients from local farms in Italy where they are based…Davines Italy. Their products are all curated by artisan hands, blended with different but striking, fresh fragrances from their nearby Italian fields, and when you open a bottle from Davines, you can immediately tell the massive difference between their products and the majority of products. When I first begun using their Melu line I thought I had found the best shampoo and conditioner ever – until one day Oi Shampoo and Oi All-In-One Milk launched; and the bar was permanently raised. You can hardly describe the scent; in its uniqueness it just smells so much more incredible than any other product you have ever put on your hair. The smell was so pined after, in fact, that they launched body products also with this fragrance, and today I am the happy owner of my own Oi Hand Balm, full of Italian Olive Oil, the precious Roucou oil , and of course, that amazing signature Oi fragrance. It’s calming and soothing to the senses, and almost smoky in its effect on the senses.

The Oi Hand Balm package is art.

But, before I slather hand cream on, I do the obligatory sanitization if I can’t wash my hands. And I really hate sanitizers, they are gross, sticky, jelly-like fluids that stink of alcohol and/or really cheap scents and they feel horrible on the skin and cause dryness. Enter my new substitute for all thing Purell: Mrs. Whites Organic Hand Santiser For Travellers (yes, those aren’t typos, this is made in England.) Its sanitizing property comes from pure vodka, plus it soothes with aloe vera and lavender, and it smells clean as a whistle, with a hint of lavender – and completely disappears into your skin. It also comes in a pump. I love a pump. Pumps make life so easy. It’s so nice when the simple everyday things we need, like food, are made elegant and done with creativity and passion. 🙂