Ski Pretty

The West, Northwest, and Pacific Northwest are buried in the white powdery stuff right now. And it sort of chaps my hide that I’m here in muggy Houston (well actually it’s been rather brisk the last few days; thanks Htown!) when a deluge of snow like this hits. I’d rather be skiing. And watching those mystical slopeside sunsets around 4pm that melt the sensation of frozen toes and burn rays of sunshine into your whole life while they are at it. Yes, it’s snow season! Also, as you may expect, I never go out in the fluffy stuff without being properly prepped and primed for that nippy air and those icy lifts. Here’s what I currently use for mountain winter days…

Avene Serenage Day Cream is made for fragile skin so it’s a perfect formula for your skin when it’s been bitten by the cold…I use it both day and night, sleeping in it reinforces your skin for the next day ahead.

Ren Rose 012 Moisture Defense Oil is a serious serum for prepping with deep, deep moisture and protecting and sealing skin from damage and dryness when it’s in the cold elements. Alongside rosa damascus oil, cranberry seed oil, and a few others, it uses ocnoic acid from ximenia oil, a plum-like fruit from Africa rich in vitamin C, whose properties lock in hydration, soften, condition, and soothe. Makes a tremendous difference when used before your moisturizer in a dry climate.

Natura Bisse The Cure Sheer Cream (read more so well-rounded and full of ingredients that are calming and protecting, plus sunscreen, it almost always makes the cut. It really pulls its weight in outdoor environments due it’s stay all day protecting power and it light self-adjusting tint that looks like great skin, not makeup.

Living Proof PHD Dry Shampoo Secret skier trick: dry shampoo outsmarts helmet hair…just apply a good dose all over the scalp and let dry before you strap in, and at the end of the day, helmet off, shake it out, and voila – wavy beach hair! Not flat, smooshed down helmet hair. Since I have started this routine, I like my hair better after a day of runs than it looked in the morning. This formula is perfect because it’s a very soft dry shampoo and lasts all day with its dirt and sweat fighting molecules.

Love Hair Smoother Just…don’t forget the ends, mine often literally ice over on the lifts, and the wind can be brutal in leaving you with a lot of broken split ends without protection. After dry shampooing, I rub the frizz fighter and moisture-hugging Love Hair Smoother into the lengths (even if you are wearing hair up) and a fresh softness is yours apres-ski.