Your Hair, Perfected. Love, Leonor Greyl

There’s been some buzz around this little tube of cream from Leonor Greyl called Eclat Naturel recently (little bits, like articles saying this is Jessica Alba’s daily staple) that made me curious. Leonor Greyl’s technical hair care products never disappoint, so I was not at all skeptical, although I’ve really never been that impressed with products of the “styling cream” genre. This came out of its quaint little tube both thick and silky all at once though – the first clue that is was a seriously unique formula.DV8T2347

Don’t let the fact that it says its for very dry, thick or frizzy hair deter you like it did me for a long time, I have super-fine straight hair, and this is my favorite styling cream yet. It’s heavy in shea butter and jojoba oil to condition and beautify hair strands, and isn’t oily at all during application – it’s light as air actually. You apply it to dry hair, to finish, shape and de-frizz. The cream is super thick as you make contact with the hair, but when rubbed between hands and worked into ends first, then swooshed through the top locks, it creates a beautiful finish. Not sticky, but shapely – not necessarily beach waves, but swathing waves and glossy volume that lasts all day. The first day I used this I had the best hair day short of a salon blowout I can remember. It’s like a Wonderbra for hair. It’s all yours, it’s just a whole lot…better. My hair has found its new favorite finisher. Also, this wondercream smells of mango, the beach, and coconut sunscreen, which was pleasantly surprising to discover and sort of yummy.This is quickly being added to my Must Have List – where I keep all my universal favorites – and it more than qualifies…