Pops of Pink from Korea

Korean makeup brands really do texture well, I think many of their layering in skincare practices migrate heavily into makeup as well. These two pinky brights are great examples of the Korean flair for texture and layering, two very different products – that allow for both natural and pumped-up finishes.


It’s Skin It’s Top Professional High Glossy Lipstick in Shade 10 and its plumping, lip-makeover level dose of moisture and fill, is one of my favorite fun lipsticks right now. The color is little Elle Woods and a little Palm Beach. A very flattering, happy pink, that’s amazingly wearable and due to its refinishing formula, it is like putting on a new set of lips to wear it. This formula is bursting with hyaluronic acid and other fillers and smoothers for a superb buttercream consistency.

DV8T2418It’s Skin Babyface Oil Drop Tint in Tint 2 is a true pink stain that works on cheeks or lips, and requires shaking prior to using, but the benefit is that the oil formula makes the stain glide around a bit before it sets. This is key, since I wasn’t a fan of many of the most popular cheek and lip stains on the market because they would set so fast, and most of the time there was a streak or uneven patch that was hard to blend or get rid of. This, shaken and used ultra sparingly, buys you time to blend before it sets. It also dries to beautiful glowy finish but it is highly concentrated so a drop is indeed all you need. Great under foundation for perfectly natural cheeks; under a nude lip; under a red lip, alone with tinted moisturizer for the ultimate no makeup boost. A pop of pink on the cheeks is the sneakiest way to make dark circle magically fade out too. Such a tiny little bottle with so many possibilities. Comes in two other shades, a more true red and an apricot tone.