The Smoothers: Eve Lom vs Clarins

DV8T2460So I ventured into a genre of skincare products recently that’s fairly new and even unfamiliar to me. The smoothers. Smooth as a verb is broad in meaning and can be thought of in terms of ironing, covering, icing, and many other mental images. So I had not run to these little skincare mysteries called “smoothers” right when I saw them, well because? I had the question mark over my head when I looked at them, and with an enormous amount of other specific products out there screaming “results”, I had never lingered more than a few moments in front of a “smoother” and definitely had not taken the time to try one one my face.

That said, I’m very glad I finally did. Clarins Instant Smooth had graced my hands a few times in trials to an impressed “wow silky” reaction, but I had not really gotten into it before I found a similar product from beloved UK skincare line Eve Lom, their Age Defying Smoothing Treatment. Too curious to pass it by anymore, I dug into these and here’s the details:


Eve Lom Age Defying Smoothing Treatment: First of all, this formula is cool because it comes in these super convenient little capsules which are easy to stash in your purse, makeup or travel bag and give you the perfect dose every time without having to worry about sticking your fingers in a jar (use a q-tip or paddle if you are guilty of this; jars are germ warehouses) and the formula is rich and light at the same time. Maybe it’s the patented hexapeptide in the formula that makes it os unique – it’s a peptide made of a combination of six naturally-derived amino acids which both smoothes, primes, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles instantly, and treats and prevents them long term as well. It’s said to be especially effective around the eyes and the forehead…I’ll have to update on the long term benefits after some time with the product though. What I do know: when massaged into the skin, it truly blurs, and sort of airbrushes the skin, like photoshopping away fine lines and imperfections. I’m not saying it makes the wrinkles disappear,  but I’m saying it really changes the look of the skin. It makes a beautiful moisturizing base for makeup as well, and really holds the makeup on and keeps it fresh looking all day. I will be using this for long days, events, photos, etc.

DV8T2464Clarins Instant Smooth: This formula is a lot thicker than the Eve Lom Treatment, and while it can be used all over pre-makeup (I would do that using a dense brush or sponge to get the thinnest layer possible though) it’s great as a spot treatment, around the eyes, nose, forehead lines, etc. Or as a touch up under eyes late int he day. It’s much more filler-esque than the Eve Lom version, but still uses vitamin E – like Eve Lom. It has acacia micro pearls and pink pearl pigments to blur and retouch over fine lines as well. The thing about this formula is that is has a remarkable feeling on the skin, which can be immediately felt, a silkening and softening effect that’s dramatic. It is primarily used a primer – its sets and holds makeup well, and adds a long lasting quality to your regular makeup. A simple and worthy addition to your basic routine.