Silk Road Skin Cleanser

You might call me a cleanser addict. I do think it’s the part of your skincare routine which can easily add or subtract the need for other steps. Take, for instance, a great moisturizing cleanser. Not much desperately needed in the way of skincare after using one. One that’s abrasive can leave you red; one that’s too acidic and you need more moisture; and the list goes on.

Once upon a time when I was oh, maybe twelve years old, I had a formative experience with cleansers. I saw the dermatologist because I had these aggressive, superfluous white bumps on my forehead and chin, not quite acne but somewhere in the neighborhood. He promptly and strictly prescribed that I change my shampoos to dermatologist brands, and start washing my face only with Dial Gold soap bars. Let me repeat this one: He told me to wash my face with Dial soap. And I did. I did. And, as you most likely inferred, things got much worse, but I stuck to the program of course, he was a doctor after all…then one day, probably two years later, I did something “crazy”. I used a thick moisturizing cleanser to wash my face, why, I don’t know, but the miraculous happened, and my skin looked immediately about fifty percent better. So after some time, I took it a bit further, and began using a moisturizer for dry skin (GA! I had oily skin back then*) and things started to clear up; for good. Never had acne again, and what was the answer? Moisturizer. So contrarian, just the way I like it. Hence my fascination with creams, salves, oils and the rest. It’s my own little game of codebreaker, every day.

So where was I going with this? How important the right cleanser is. How it can have a domino effect on the state of your skin, good or bad, and how it can add the need for more steps or eliminate them. Foam D’Escargot is a cleanser I have recently discovered from Korea (one of the best farming ground for skin care in the world) that does the latter, and does it really well. It’s formulated with the infamous snail secretion concentrate which yes, may sound kind of off-putting but you know, people eat snails…they are natural, soil dwelling creatures that carry lots of mineral and nutrients if you think about it. But don’t think about it too much, just trust the Koreans, they look twenty years younger than us on average.

DV8T3000The bottom line is this cleanser from It’s Skin called Foam D’Escargot feels like creamy silk on your skin, and leaves your skin feeling like creamy silk. It feels tightened, toned, soft, and has the moisture layer so well sealed in that after use, that even dry skinned, cream addicted me could go without moisturizer when I use this. It’s so very soft in its cleansing properties but leaves the skin very clean, and most remarkably, like it has already been toned and moisturized lightly after only one wash. These outstanding performance qualities from a cleanser can only be attributed to outstanding ingredients. Besides the escargot mucus, this bottles up EGF (epidermal growth factor, used by itself as a serum for anti-aging in Scandinavia, the UK, and increasingly stateside), pine mushroom, and maitake mushroom. And, according to one of the strictest skincare trainers I have met…”the Asians, they look so young…because of the mushrooms.”



*More on why I love to bend rules and usage indications to come…Other Uses is one of my favorite part of skincare, cosmetics, and Chemistry.