A Moment for Eye Makeup Remover

Two very crucial factors when it comes to eye makeup remover, something needed so ubiquitously, are formula and method of delivery. Having been a Bioderma hoarder for many years prior to finding this, I favor a clean feeling, non-greasy, but ultra effective one swipe cleanser. It’s kind of a tall order, and most eye makeup removers I try end up in the trash, because it’s an area where I do not see any use for excess. It just needs to work, work fast, be convenient, and hopefully not overly expensive since I use tons of it, morning and night.

DV8T3058I don’t think there’s a better fit out there than Klorane’s Floral Water Make-Up Remover. It’s safe and great to use all over the face if needed, and it both cleanses and tones, and leaves the skin prepped perfectly for either skin care or makeup. If you knew the old and classic Klorane makeup remover, you must know that this is much, much, different. The old formula has more oil in it, and leaves the skin fairly slick. This formula does not; it is super similar to Bioderma, but I have to say it’s even better at clearing off all the old eyeliner smudges in a split second than even my old favorite Bioderma.

And, it comes in the best possible decanter system, a pump top that stays open on my counter and makes makeup removal no more than a pump onto a cotton pad and two swipes. Plus, 13.5 oz is nice and generous and you won’t go through it that fast. However, I am sure to be seeing lots more of these empties like this one, as this a steady staple I don’t plan on changing any time soon. As far as I’m concerned, it’s set in stone on my must have list.DV8T3071