Priming with Other Products | Carita Powder Serum

Carita Powder Serum: this little bottle interested and confounded me for some time before I began using it. Carita has products that are a little different and that I love, like their Cotton Line and Milky Water Cleanser, and they all focus on soft, velvety touch skin. I’ve recently fallen in love with their drenching Lagoon Cream too. It’s a serious drink for thirsty skin and it smells like heaven. Most of Carita’s products do. And this one is no exception, it had that signature French fragrance that feels so ladylike in skincare.

Onto what this Powder Serum does. It’s from the Ideal Control line, which is formulated for oily and combination skins to control oil. I have dry skin, so that it’s a little out of my normal circuit to try something in this category, but I love to experiment, and I love a good off-label use, and I know nothing Carita makes would be over drying. And I love what I found.

DV8T3036This serum is super light, and so well absorbed it could really be layered into any routine to refine, polish, or finish the complexion. Before makeup is my favorite use, as it leaves a simple, soft, and beautiful canvas for dabbing foundation onto. It’s purifying, so it’s reducing bacteria and grime on the skin as you wear it, which leads me to my second favorite use for it: a late day makeup refresher and polisher.

And actually, that was the first way I tried this serum, I had been through a long day and was looking drab and kind of dragging, so I randomly grabbed this am pressed a thin layer on all over – while I would not want to do this with a full strength moisturizer, this was the perfect lift at the end of the day. I used it all over, under the eyes, brow area, etc…and it perked up and revived my face and makeup…even my concealer area, which is usually the first to go. This is a perfect tool for those longevity-testing days when you don’t like the way your makeup is headed as the day wears on. It leaves a fresh glow and keeps things looking that way for hours. ❤