Counter the Cold Air with Beach Hair

It’s kind of, well, cold. And I’m definitely dreaming of sunny beaches elsewhere, thinking I could use a little beach weather in my life. Yesterday, I soothed myself with these non-winter hair products from Sun Bum though, and it helped a little. A good bit actually. But, what I really found out is the all the soothing protecting ingredients in their Beach Formula Shampoo and 3 in 1 Leave In conditioner that are there to help your hair withstand salt, sun, and sea are also very well suited for helping your hair in cold windy weather! The shampoo smells of paradise; coconut and banana, and that classic tropical vibe is not unwelcome in my bathtub right now! But what I really loved about is that it that it made my hair super soft, and treated my split ends with smoothing oils like coconut oil and sunflower seed oil. It softens, strengthens and texturizes with the addition of banana pulp and peel, banana leaf, and quinoa protein. This is like a banana protein smoothie for your hair and I really loving it right now.

The ultimate test I use on all shampoos is that I use it alone, with no styling products and see how tolerable my hair is. A shampoo that makes me happy without having to add other products moves to the front of the line immediately, and that’s what this one did.

I did use the 3-in-1 Leave In in lieu of conditioner, and it gives you healthy hair and leaves you with a lot of texture and body…I am seriously impressed with these two new shower staples. And who doesn’t love a smiling banana yellow monkey anyway? Beach out, and stay warm.