Need a little Sun?

Time to regain some color to those faded arms and gams, or maybe like me you have three different colors to greet you every morning (feet, white, sock tan; belly, white as a fish; arms and legs, last shades of faded summer tan). Not so pretty, you know? The brilliant solution for all this is from the tried and true, hands down best self tanner brand, St. Tropez. Their products always give a deep golden to brown tone to the skin, never orange, and the tan lasts a really long time. Plus it makes you look and feel like you lost five pounds It’s always fun to self tan.

DV8T3651My favorite blend from the fairly extensive St Tropez line is the Self Tan Express Bronzing Mousse. Its light, liquid-y formula is very easy to apply, especially if you use the Tan Applicator Mitt which makes your tan look perfect and protects your hands and nails from staining. It’s a deep brown greenish color out of the bottle, but don’t be afraid, the green undertones rids you of any risk for the dreaded orange.

The most innovative thing about this formula is that your shade is customizable. Sounds complex, but it boils down to this, wash it off early for a lighter color, and after three hours (a way better deal than the old eight hour wait to shower) for a deeper color, and repeat as desired. St Tropez breaks it down like this:

  • 1 Hour Development = Healthy Glow
  • 2 Hours Development = Golden Bronze
  • 3 Hours Development = Dark Tan

And it lasts nearly a week. This is so easy to work with and you can maintain your color very easily in quick applications coupled with only needing to wait one hour until you shower. The scent is light, and the product has no lingering backsmell, the thing we all hate about self tanners.

Just don’t forget to exfoliate well with a good scrub like this or this beforehand, and, literally, you’re golden.