Omit Anything

When it comes to writing, erasers (or delete buttons) are essential. Now, makeup could be closely associated with writing (hands, strokes, creation, lines) yet we typically don’t think we could use anything other than flat out remover as a mistake corrector. Well, sometimes you need a little more, and not necessarily because you made a mistake, but because, well, life. You know, attack of the dark circles, the acne spot, the ? spot, the lipstick bleed, no need to go on right? Enter Julie Hewett‘s genius little secret: the Omit Concealer Pencil.


This little pencil has all the above listed issues and troves more covered. It’s a secret weapon on your vanity and even better in your handbag. It covers, conceals, highlights, lifts, reshapes, contours, and so being, it’s Julie Hewett’s (the Hollywood makeup artist and creator of her eponymous line) favorite on-set secret to make celebrities camera ready, and it will work for everyday life too. Some “secret” uses:

  • Outline the area right outside lips with this prior to a bold lip, and touch up after, for that picture perfect bold lip you have always wanted but just didn’t work before. It makes one hundred percent of the difference to use this step!
  • Tightline on the lower waterline of your eyelid (that’s the tiny area between your where you put your concealer and your inner eyelid.) This opens your eyes wide open and few magazine cover shoots go on without using this trick – just look closely.
  • Conceal! Prime for your regular concealer with this for extra bright eyes, or touch up and boost your concealer by using in the very corner of your eye.
  • Cover a Zit. Much less obvious to use this than thick cream concealer.
  • Contour your nose, chin, forehead. Dab, dab, rub. Make sure your well moisturized. Then the color will last all day.
  • No makeup makeup. Use this in place of regular eyeliner and blend upwards. Like you have a perfect baby face.
  • To lift eyes upward, apply in the outer corners of eyelid as a last step in makeup…just try it…
  • Reduce redness around nose by dabbing in corners.
  • Highlight under brows to lift and perk eyes.

Happy writing and erasing. Know more uses….please add your ideas here! 🙂