Calm and Soften | Avene Anti-Rougeurs

This time of year in Texas there’s a hot day then a cold day and it really just reeks havoc on both your allergies, if you’re prone, and your skin, if you are subject to any sensitivity or redness. The two usually go hand in hand, and I’m a sufferer, of them both. But what I not willing to do is amend my outdoor activities (I am a chronic outdoor addict) so I have to have constant coping tools to help reduce the irritation and inflammation the sun, wind, cold, and toxins produce on my skin.

Onion Creek
I love trails 🙂 but my skin does not :(. Thus, I am always looking for skin soothers, because less trail time just isn’t an option.

One of my new favorites is this amazing tissue off (or rinse off) cleanser from Avene called Anti-Rougeurs Redness Relief Cleansing Milk. You can use this any time of day, anywhere, because it does not need to be rinsed off, simply wiped away with cotton, tissue, or soft cloth. I definitely rinse it off if I am at my sink, but this awesome formula certainly does not necessitate a rinse.

DV8T3740It comes in the classic green red-canceling tone, made to reduce the look of the red pigments and I’m not sure it leaves any tone or color whatsoever on your face, but the color is cool and I like it because it’s different. What is does do is significantly calm your skin down and reduce irritation and inflammation, and nearly instantly. Second, it makes your face so soft and it gently and fully cleanses all the dirt and grime off without sacrificing anything in terms of balance and correct PH, etc. It’s super perfect for use around the nose especially when cold or allergies arise. This is one of those you kind of have to try to believe. A family skin care staple to keep with the bug spray and sunscreen!

Finally, here’s what going in the bottle, with true redness and inflammation reducing formulas:



            + Avène Thermal Spring Water (88%) – Soothes, softens, calms and cools
            + Dextran sulfate (0.1%) – minimizes the appearance of swelling
            + Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone (0.05%) – Reduces the appearance of vascular capillaries
            + Ruscus extract (0.1%)