The Importance Of Knowing T LeClerc

T LeClerc is classic Parisian makeup and an essential part of any baseline makeup artist kit 101. The textures in this cult classic line trace back to 1881, in Paris, and the line still pioneers some of the best finishes in the makeup biz, which is why you will find at least a few things, especially the powders, from T LeClerc in nearly every Hollywood makeup artist kit. I talk about the line all the time; it’s really that great. There’s a consistency to the quality of every type of product the house produces, from the mascaras to the shadows to the liners to the glosses. I can always count on their stellar finish, color and wearability, and it really holds true that whatever type of product I am looking for, they make a great one.

Today’s dose of TLC:

T LeClerc Eyeshadow in Terre Doree: A prism of rose gold shadow full of pigments and facets that lend bronzey to green in hue – not pink – and looks both subtle and impactful at the same time. It’s a foolproof, buildable, and super pretty shadow.


swatched on the hand here. See?


And, T LeClerc Lip Gloss in Rose Baby Doll: Just that glossy, plump, pink perfection that was your lips but twenty years ago… perfection, moisture, glow, what else can be said…


And as for the title…If you haven’t seen The Importance of Being Earnest do yourself a favor and make it your next movie night…Oscar Wilde was so much more clever than all of us, and after all these two products are very Cecily Cardew.

Reese Witherspoon as Cecily