The One True Brown | from Diego Dalla Palma

What is it about brown eyeliners? Why do they all actually look very black on the eyeline? I mean, I have probably tried dozens of brown eyeliners, and don’t really remember ever not thinking how sooty looking those liners were once they were on my eyes. It’s not that black is bad idea, basically smoky eyes are the gold standard of eye. But, if you really want brown, you want brown right? Ruddy, rich, chocolate, mahogany brown. It’s frustrating for something to look black when you are thinking more cordovan leather. It’s a real dilemma. I have even resorted to using chocolate lip liners on my eyes when I wanted a steady brown payoff, since over the years I finally settled into the assumption that brown liners were just going to be black (light) and that’s just the way it was.

BUT. I literally almost tripped over myself one morning when I tried yet another brown liner and expected the same smoky light black thing to happen, but it didn’t. Instead I saw redwood bark, a chestnut horse coat, coffee with cream, nutella…a real, true, rich brown. I found it all in Diego Dalla Palma Eye Liner in Shade 11, Light Brown. This shade is that perfect brown that’s naturally enhancing in such a way that I’m inclined to say it would be my THE one makeup item I would take with me if stranded on a desert island. Is that how that goes? Stranding and planning don’t usually coincide though…but I digress. The point is, this pencil could potentially be [all you need].

Check out the below case study of six *unidentified and high end* “Brown” eyeliners compared to the perfect brown pencil from Diego Dalla Palma. And enjoy some real chocolate liner when you’re ready…

The DDP Light Brown Pencil at top. Shows a deeper, touch-of-red-hue that does not go gray as the rest of these brands do (all luxury brands).
On skin, the gray/black leaning of these brown becomes much more pronounced. The DDP pencil (far left) does NOT go gray or black (no blue base tones).