Highlighter Corral | Creamy Formulas

I’ve got a soft spot for highlighters. Like nude lipstick, and lipgloss, they are all the same yet all so different, and you can’t have too many. Sorry, you just can’t. Maybe it’s the four year old princess in us that will never die, and if it is, well ok. Everyone looks great, no matter the skin color, age, or state of their skin, with a touch of highlighter. What could be more fun and practical, and endless in its possible configurations?

That said, I made a rule for this roundup to only include those that were at the moment on my counter or in my handbag, regardless of the fact that there are so many gorgeous highlighters at Chemistry. Others will have to be for another day, another hour, another moment…(that’s how often you can change up your highlight.)

1. RMS Living Luminizer and RMS Eye Polish in Myth: Either of these good for you blends can be used anywhere on the face…eyes, cheeks, lips…they are moisturizing, melt-into-you formulas that look like your skin, but radiant. Myth is my go-to no makeup eye base, and the Living Luminizer is the least obvious yet lifting and brightening highlighter I know of.

DV8T39822. Julie Hewett Cleo Shimmy: This cream is very radiant, reflective and a little goes a long way. It’s bronzey light dance works best on cheeks and eyes. The perfect pop on top of your shadow or bronzer. Also great for decollete. DV8T3992


3. Kjaer Weis Highlighter in RadianceReal life fairy dust. I really think this one takes five years off the face instantly. You have to see it on, it’s like Coco Chanel’s pearls…magic candlelight for the face. Like opening a diamond box, I get excited every time I slide that top off and see the sparkly effects.DV8T3986

4. Ilia Illuminator in Sway: So versatile, this one, in its convenient and cool packaging – so good – as usual from Ilia. It’s bronzey but not too much so; use anywhere, generously, you can’t mess up due to its super blendable composition and subtle glowy attributes. It also lends rose gold which is always great in my book. DV8T3988

5. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlights (pictured top): Comes in a kit of three, not sure where the third one went :(. The third one is more white based, but equally beautiful. The two I have are in Champagne Gold (left) and Opal (right). These are the right size for handbag or travel and Becca can do no wrong when it comes to highlighter.

From left to right: RMS Living Luminizer; RMS Eye Polish in Myth; Julie Hewett Cleo Shimmy; Kjaer Weiss Highlighter in Radiance; Ilia Illuminator in Sway; Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlights in Champagne Gold (left) and Opal (right).