Scent of A Man | Organic Pharmacy

DV8T4138For Saturday night, Sunday morning, or anytime he wants to look and smell like someone you can’t resist, we’ve found the secret potion in an all-in-one skin care and shave cream. I get to smell lots of men’s products (not reluctantly) and I am as much of a junkie for men’s lines as I am women’s (at times…) Anyway, I was not expecting the waft of perfection that floated over from my husband’s sink one morning when he dutifully performed one of his many forced shaving trials with this amazing blend from The Organic Pharmacy. This one smells so good. So, so, so, so good. That’s all I have to say. Not really though. I still have to list the power soothers and toners in this special face treating formula:

  • aloe
  • calendula extract
  • st john’s wort (fights inflammation)
  • propolis (anti aging, smoothing, anti-bacterial)
  • green tea (anti-oxidant and tightening)
  • red tea
  • honeysuckle
  • sandalwood

DV8T4140Remind him that this is organic and all natural and will not foam like he’s used to, but it is doing good stuff for his skin. Just add a warm compress pre-shave and massage well into the face pre-shave, and watch the effects. And smell them… And next – I want to try it on my legs.

Get him this shave cream and he’ll have a great weekend this weekend. Conspiracy novel not included, but highly recommended.