The Serum Foundation We’ve Been Waiting For

Becca’s signature face is a dewy, bronzed, glow-heavy plethora of highlights and shadows and I have been perplexed for a while by the fact that all of their foundations, while being really good formulas, are sincerely on the medium/heavy to heavy side to wear on the skin. And that’s great when you’re looking for that, and even better if you are being photographed, but the average girl that comes into Chemistry  (and maybe this is a strong Houston, Texas bias) that wants that glowy, sunkissed Becca look wants to get there by way of a light, water based foundation. For a long time, I was scratching my head…because Becca didn’t offer one.


Well, they must have been working on it for quite some time, because if I know them, they are on top of things, and the serum/water foundation movement has been a thing for a while. And finally, their version is here – and it is all I hoped it would be. It’s Becca Aqua Luminous Perfecting Foundation, and it is really, really good.

The first point of differentiation with this foundation is the amazing color and shading choices. I had a long stint a year or so ago with YSL Liberator Foundation, and while I loved the light feel and finish, the colors that worked for me weren’t that beautiful and all my shades always seemed to have ash undertones to them. Becca has outdone themselves in this department, though, because all the colors are beautiful and there is a built in luminosity to them (but no shimmer) much like their latest winning formula in the primer department, Becca Backlight Priming Filter – my favorite primer of all time by the way. So, and maybe due to the luminosity, the colors seem to have a magical, flexible adaptability to your skin tone and there are actually three shades I could wear right now, and all of them work. That unheard of. When the number one problem with foundation (and we hear them all) is finding the right shade, that’s a crazy good scenario to have!


Light, Medium, and Beige all work for me, and in the summer I know Tan will too (amazing), but I am currently using the one that fell right in the middle, Beige. This foundation does melt into your skin, after just a few moments of blending – it’s not a completely no makeup look at all – in fact, it has the effect of medium coverage foundation when it comes to covering imperfections and evening out skin tone. Then it sets and this does take a minute or two. However, then, it looks like your skin! It’s a great coverage, yet hard to detect foundation that brings a subtle glow which is perfectly enhanced and locked in when used with Backlight Priming Filter (see above). It wears well throughout the day too, with its breathable, hardly-there feeling on the skin. Its formula needs shaking prior to application, which is done with a large dropper tip that holds way more than you need, but works perfectly.

This masterfully created foundation checks all the boxes, and as more and more people try it, I *predict* it being one of the most popular foundations out there since it is so flexible, so great at evening and covering, and so light on the skin.