Queen for A Moment (Lipstick Queen)

I want to take a moment to admire a little Lipstick Queen this morning. The color (number one), the texture, the wearability, the packaging (the coolest size bullet around), the art. Yes, the boxes themselves are little pieces of art; in fact, in someone were to build a lipstick museum, Lipstick Queen would have to be one of the main exhibits. Every millimeter of these pretty little creations is so well thought out and designed.

The brand was started and is still spearheaded by an Australian women who was completely obsessed with one thing, lipstick. Poppy King, displays her passion for the pucker in every aspect of the brand. Lipstick Queen is famous for its many shades of red and pinks, deep dark plums and perfect nudes, along with special touch products and chubby pencils, glosses and liners…but if it’s Lipstick Queen, it goes on your lips, because that’s all they make, lip products. Every shade of lipstick they make tells a story, relives a moment, or makes a statement. They do lipstick alone and they do it very, very well.

DV8T4185I have a love for their Endless Summer collection since I spend so much time outdoors and it contains a healthy SPF 15 which I usually have to add on top of any lip color if I’m going outside (soccer mom problems: you don’t want to put on makeup/you equally don’t want to look half dead and you’re out in the elements all day long) I have long loved the brighter shade from Endless Summer called Perfect Wave. But for a nude lip day, Hang Ten is this really perfect modern nude, the perfect balance between warm and cool, and just tad lighter than your lips.

Lipstick Queen Endless Summer Hang Ten SPF 15 – so pretty & perfect
And my latest, most fun discovery  -besides their Butterfly Ball teeth whitening shades, which I will write about in another post 😉 – is Queen Bee, their lip treatment designed to nourish and treat as well as add a bronzey glimmer to your lips alone or any other shade you are wearing:

Lipstick Queen Queen Bee Nourishing Lip Glaze
It hydrates and heals lips with real honey and royal jelly and has a honey based scent that is always good for me, reminds me Reve De Miel but in a thinner formula that clings to lips with a bronze shimmer, and really that’s always ok with me….Many a day’s RX is Hang Ten + Queen Bee. So perfect together.