Space Age Skincare | Zelens

Zelens does no advertising, has sleek, minimal, unassuming packaging, no celebrity ambassadors or infomercials; just one brilliant, up-on-his-research London Dermatologist (Dr. Marko Lens) with a penchant for the natural formula and there’s no need for any of the fanfare since the brand basically nails it like a superstar when it come to the quality of the product, every single one of them.

I’ve had a longstanding relationship with the hi-tech moisturizer and sunscreen from Zelens called Daily Defense. It’s the one sunscreen cream I have used ever that you would never know has sunscreen in it – no telltale scent, no greasy film, nothing but light, effervescent moisture that disappears into skin like a cloud of smoke, poof, gone. It’s a miraculous revolution in sunscreen packed with antioxidants and other ingredients that repair skin’s DNA.

Later, I discovered the most gentle peel pads in the world – Zelens PHA+ Bio Peel Resurfacing Peel Pads – which are residents on my essential must have list. Then Z Matrix , the botanical morning tightener, brightener, toner and plumper that basically works your tired morning skin into a vacation-style glow in one minute flat.

DV8T4249And now…now, I have integrated a true gem into my nightly routine, once again, part of the royal Zelens lineage. Stem Complex Rejuvenating Overnight Treatment has been setting my skin straight, and in a couple of uses, I can such dramatic improvement I am bewildered. I am so constantly guilty of trying new skincare without knowing what’s in it – that I had not bothered to find out what was in this until after my first use. Then, I had to know of course…I woke up with even, soft, velvet-like creamy skin…plumped up, sun spots lightened, complexion brightened. This is potent, and this is powerful. Peptides like Pentapeptide-31, Biomimetic tripeptide, and Biomimetic tetrapetideare, the super powerful plumpers, and botanicals like ozonized red rice and immortelle plus hyaluronic acid spheres, and silanols which are organic compounds that actually aid communication between skin’s cells and work to rebuild the architecture of the skin. I know that’s a load of science, but the results from the mask belie that there’s some serious science behind it.

There’s something so future now about Zelens, and exploring the range is one of the most effective skincare journeys I think you could embark on…DV8T4254