Creating Picture Perfect Lips | Petalips Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick

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If you going for the lipstick that looks undisturbed look (who isn’t?) the way to go now is with the new true-to-color liquid to matte lipstick formulas, and we are so excited to have finally introduced our very own, Southern Fringe Petalips Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick. The whole entire line of Southern Fringe Cosmetics is customized for women that live in the South, love makeup and color, but contend with heat, humidity, and the drastic winter weather shifts so characteristic to the southern US. Of course, anyone can enjoy the benefits of the pure, long-lasting, heat and humidity resistant formulas that permeate our brand from BB cream to lipsticks. Petalips is the epitome of long lasting, and you’ll even need an oil or lip balm to get it completely off when you are ready to remove it.

There are 12 shades in this light-as-air formula, and they are all very different from each other. They dry in about a minute to a very soft matte finish which can be worn matte, as is, or layered with gloss and pencil for a dramatic dimensional shine.

My fave three? The true nude Chestnut, the slightly purple-leaning Lavender, and the more is more fuschia bright, Drive-In.

Southern Fringe Petalips Soft Matte Liquid Lipstick in Lavender (top) and Chestnut (bottom and left)

Chestnut and Lavender are neutral and easy to wear, but many of the shades are bold and bright. And the thing about a bold and bright lip is, it looks perfect only if there’s kind of a perfect canvas. It looks ok if there’s an ok canvas, and it looks flat bad if the canvas is flat bad. Luckily there is a twenty second set up that keeps the lip area in check:DV8T4309

Here is my favorite bold Petalips shade, Drive-In. I love the bright hue, but to prep the canvas before I swipe on a shade like this, I am using this:DV8T4240

A simple small concealer brush like the BDellium 934 (perfect size, density, and diffusing power for the job) tapped into either a good (drier) concealer or my favorite medium, a matte foundation. Use the brush to press the concealer/foundation into the area around the lip outline, carefully tracing lipline. It’s like an eraser for anything unfriendly going on around the lip area. Once that’s set, apply your liquid lipstick (or any lipstick) and pow. Your lipstick will also be prevented from bleeding by the oil seekers in the matte foundation, so it’s a great all day wear hack I can’t recommend strongly enough.


What I am loving around the lips:

The perfect airbrush finish of T Le Clerc Fond de Teint Fluide Poudre in 04 Beige Apricot Mat












And for all the shades of Petalips look no further…click below.

Southern Fringe Petalips Swatch Tear Sheet*