Perfume, Now. | Lierac 3 White Flowers

Lately, I have been forgoing perfume for a [short] season. Mainly because I have been getting hooked on using essential oil blends like Revive, Inner Strength, and Support Breathe from Aromatherapy Associates, and I don’t want to mix those with perfume…well not exactly – depends on how you define perfume. A happy medium, that has me super happy lately, is the delicious, creamy body lotion from Lierac that’s lightly scented, but it has enough gumption to stick with you for hours (in that light way) is Lierac Lait Sensoriel Aux 3 Fleurs Blanches. The name means “three white flowers” and the fragrance is based on jasmine, camellia, and gardenia. The distinctly different perfume the triad creates makes me shudder to talk about it, for fear of the secret getting out…and then smelling it on far too many women. But even if it did, I still don’t think I would get tired of it. It’s fresh, light, creamy and floral and not overpowering or sharp.

As for the formula of the cream – it’s a dream cream. It’s so super moisturizing (a 24 hour moisture formula) and melts into your skin. You may be able to tell int he picture, that this lotion has a bit of an extra gleam to it…and I didn’t know this until I had been wearing it for a while the first time I used it, but it has tiny bits of shimmer that are a tenny little surprise, and honestly, don’t think are significant enough for anyone else but you to notice – but, glitter. Confetti. Happy. I had to smile when I realized it was in there.

There’s also an oil of the same scent, the Lierac Huile Sensorielle Aux 3 Fleurs Blanc which is 14% argan oil, plus hazelnut oil, grapeseed oil and sweet almond oil and it is rich, nourishing and sensory.



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