Spring Break Beauty Packing

Travel time, transition, and vacations always present a little dilemma for me. Packing clothing, as long as I know I can access a washer and dryer, usually doesn’t stress me. Making sure that I don’t run out of my favorite mascara or moisturizer – especially if I’m going somewhere where I won’t be able to run out and grab replacements, now that makes me sweat. And if you are a beautyaholic like me, you might just know what I’m talking about. And, as you may have guessed from my week long absence last week – I’m out of town this week too, way out of town, actually hidden up in the Montana hills (my favorite place in the world) but far, far away from Chemistry and no where near a quick run for anything beauty related that I didn’t bring with me. With airline baggage prices set at ridiculous these days, this presents a big problem…and here’s the little 1-2-3 solution plan that’s kept me quite a happy camper.

Step 1: Assess Environment, and for all travel bring your best moisturizers – ’cause it all (car, plane, whatever) dries your skin and hair OUT. One of the reasons we focus on carrying tons of travels sizes and travel kits at Chemistry is for this very reason, so if you find the travel size of the product you love – you’re golden, but if you can’t, there’s always plastic jars, washi tape, and a Sharpie. Fast, easy, and the best way I know to miraculously tote an entire bathroom countertop miles away in one duffle bag. My staid moisture drenchers I have with me now shown here: Avene Eau Thermale Travel Size Spray (never fly without it); Davines Love Conditioner (instantly restored, silky locks that smell amazing); The Organic Pharmacy Carrot Butter Cleanser (never a dull skin day when you use this soothing, therapeutic balm cleanser); and Carita Lagoon Cream, which proved it skills last winter in New Mexico and earned a permanent spot in my bag for that.



Step 2: Label Everything. I can’t tell you how many times I knew that I knew I wouldn’t forget what I decanted in those little plastic bottles, and said to myself “that one is obvious!” only to later have no clue what blue goop was in my carefully decanted jar. And the thought of rubbing hair gel on my face or putting my favorite moisturizer in my hair was enough to derail the whole idea and cause me to abandon the products. I’m a huge fan of the P-Touch, but the simple washi tape and permanent marker got it all done this time, quickly and easily.

Step 3: Don’t forget in-travel comforts. An ounce of prevention goes a long way in the hydration department, so using thermal water sprays and eye patches on planes and in cars really help you bounce back rested and glowing in no time flat. I love Missha’s Deep Sea Water Firming Eye Patches for a super soothing, plumping, cooling, eye area reboot. Toss these soothers in your bag, TSA won’t mind, and you’ll look and feel so much fresher on arrival.



Happy Spring Break, and happy, hydrated travels…