That Little Creme Pot from Kevyn Aucoin

I can almost predict the question the first time someone lays eyes on the stunning foundation display that is Kevyn Aucoin. What is thaaaaat? Marked by the accompanying point towards the famous little pot foundation I want to talk about today. The brand is classic, and everything about the brand exudes classic sophisticated finishes, textures and looks. They don’t make makeup for the moment, here today – gone tomorrow formulas. Instead, they have built the line (originally masterminded by the master makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin) one brick at a time, and that’s why the line is built to last, with top performing products in all core makeup categories. That said, the cornerstone product of the entire line, and by far the most famous, is the incredibly classic unique blend in a tiny maroon pot called Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer – and I’ll dub it SSE here for ease. This amazing product usually takes a bit of explaining, though it’s simple and user friendly in its versatility – and I also think it is still widely misunderstood and under utilized. It comes in so many shade variations, anyone light to dark can find a match, and it is indispensable when it comes to true coverage for tough issues. And, if you can think a little outside the concealer wand and foundation bottle, you can benefit from the power of the natural looking full coverage the Sensual Skin Enhancer affords.


First, Sensual Skin Enhancer 101:

  • SSE works as a concealer, foundation, contour (highlight/shadow), or touch up. Each function has a different application style.
  • The formula contains honey, which is great for skin but increases the density, and the pigment is highly attracted to the skin, so be sure your skin is well exfoliated and moisturized prior to applying, because a common trip-up is that dry patches don’t take the formula well. On well prepped skin though, it’s simply gorgeous. Especially for photography.
  • The awesome upside of the density of SSE is that is covers anything; the worst dark circles, the reddest pimple, the bruise…it’s gonna do the job.
  • Don’t be overwhelmed by all the options, just jump in and try it, but give yourself 2-3 tries to really get the hang of the blend. It does take just a bit of practice.

You can brush on SSE, or pat it on with your finger. But the easiest, foolproof way to guarantee a perfect finish with SSE is to use a damp beauty blending sponge, and if you are using it for concealer, use one of these tiny sponges from Beauty Blender.DV8T4359

Now, Choose Your Makeup Look Using SSE:

SSE in shades SX08 (top) and SX06 (bottom) with The Concealer Brush from Kevyn Aucoin

Heavy/Cake Foundation: Brush or Sponge directly all over face. Blend away excess completely for a perfect finish.

Medium to Light Foundation: Mix on back hand with cream moisturizer of choice (The Cure from Natura Bisse works beautifully).

Tinted Moisturizer: Add a pump of hydrating serum and a dollop of moisturizer, mix on hand, and brush or sponge on.

Concealer: Dab on extremely sparingly a thin coat with a very small brush or sponge to desired area, pat. Let sink in for about 60 seconds, repeat, keep patting and repeating until perfection is achieved.