Blush Away Winter | Happy Spring Blush Ups

Nothing satisfies like a really pretty, subtle blush; certainly no one looks worse with it – and it’s a trade up worth a few seconds at any time of the day; one of the most underrated of the ubiquitous quick fixes in makeup if you ask me.

So, blush is something I’m always playing with, frequently collecting, and it makes me happy, call it color therapy if you want. Cheeks were made to pop and glisten if you ask me. What life is there in (sometimes) fashionably pallid cheeks? None if you ask me. Give me flush, fuschia, coral, orange pop, bronze, lavender (It’s Skin Babyface makes one in lavender… ❤ ❤  ); just anything but white when it comes to framing the smile – and the Korean beauty makers must agree, because they put out some of the most simply delicate and beautiful blushes anywhere out there today.

It’s Skin Babyface Powder in Cream Blusher in Strawberry Cream 01 [top], Coral Cream 02 [middle] and Apricot Cream 03 [bottom].

Three perfect creamy tint blushers that are super subtle but just enough – are these little It’s Skin Babyface Powder in Cream Blushers which are super affordable and therefore need to be gotten in the set of three. At $11 a piece, all three are perfectly easy to slip into your bag, so there’s a blush for every mood and every look. They go on in a very light, creamy, glowy texture, effortlessly melt in, and little to no blending is required with these little wonders. These and the rest of the Babyface line are little treasures that speak dainty, precious things to your skin and vanity – and are largely still waiting to be discovered by Americans who are ready to break out of the conventional and discover and uncover the brands that beautify and delight like It’s Skin Korea.