Color Play the Organic Way

DV8T4470I love, love, love all that is natural, organic, good for you, and non toxic! Makeup that bears all those claims, though, can leave much to be desired when it comes to finish, texture, payoff and the ability to wear all day. That’s why at first glance, even though I really wanted to love this gorgeously packaged Nude Sparkle palette from The Organic Pharmacy’s Organic Glam Makeup Line, I braced myself for disappointment, for no other reason than out of pure habit. Nevertheless, I took it to the task, by not just wearing it but by traveling with it – and even for a two day getaway with it as my only makeup. The verdict: BRILLIANT. This palette is utterly brilliant, so well thought through and wearable I was more than pleasantly surprised. It it so small in size and so luxurious to have as a palette, and you use every single product. Over and over. It gives you the ability to create everything from a simple, natural glowy face to an evening smoky eye or a bronzed sunny face all in the gold clasped tiny jewel box they masterfully created. Just add your favorite concealer and foundation and you’re good to go for a vacation. Seriously.



It did look a bit too sparkly for my taste when I first saw it. What they have done though, with these formulas, is create a type of sparkle that blends so subtly into the complexion that it’s hardly read as anything but some extra something, not obvious highlight or bronzer. Thirty somethings and above should not shy away from this kind of sparkle – it adjusts to the light and gives plenty of glow and no glitter.Bronzer: I was seriously impressed with this bronzer, it was so natural but gave deep, adjustable color to my winter white face and really disappeared into my skin, as a good bronzers should. A perfect quick glow. Amazing as an eye contour too.

BlushA universally flattering shade, pink + coral, that pops healthy color on perfectly.

Cream highlight/eye shadowOn a well moisturized face, a few strokes of this adds dimension to the cheekbones and eyes. Just a nice +quick upgrade.

Lipstick/BalmA super moisturizing hint of pink shade that makes your lips look much plumper and pinkier while keeping the finish extremely natural. It’s a lip balm too, that’s so good, there’s no need for anything else on your lips (and from a balm as a lip base for all products purist like myself, those are strong words.) I might add a liner if I wanted to look a bit more polished.

Lighter Eye Shadow ShadesTwo options here, cool/pink or neutral. The formula is just like silk. It melds with skin and blends truly magically. I really, really love that the neutral shade just makes it look like you have perfect lids and that’s it.

Deep Eye Shadow ShadesA heathery brown, that can be intensified with water to a near black; and the green; the green shade is gold flecked for warmth and can be worn as a liner or blown out to really show the pigment. It’s a hunter green that’s incredibly pretty on blue, green, hazel and brown eyes alike.

DV8T4476This is makeup that is tops in ingredients, looks and effect, and that is hard to find. Even harder to find is a palette that you use everything in. And this is one of those. I really can’t say anything bad about it. Just so happy to have found it. 🙂