Nounou Nourishing | A Hair Lift from Davines

DV8T4762I have finally come to the opinion that you can never go wrong with Davines. When shampoo or conditioner let you down, don’t do the right things, flatten your hair, or worse trigger dryness or frizz, that’s a whole-day-spoiler. And Davines has so many products for so many textures of hair that I have tried on my straight, fine, highlighted and sun damaged hair. And I can’t remember a bad hair day once after using anything Davines, even products that are not well suited for my hair type. For a while, though, I steered away from the Nounou shampoo and conditioner line even though it looked supremely nourishing and smells fresh and great (to be expected; Davines should also be a fragrance house IMO; they do the most amazing fragrances and just for hair.) but I expected this formula to be bit too much for my hair which is dry but tends to fall flat on a dime. When I used it though, I could tell right away that was not going to be the case. It foamed up and I could feel the best effects working while I was still in the shower.

The formula is cutely named Nounou for it’s nourishing properties, and the amazing and awesome thing about it is that is was also very bodifying and lifting at the same time. A very hard combination to pull off! But it does. It smells very fresh. The conditioner looks downright nutty, but the main powerful ingredient is actually tomato extract – so it remains incredibly light as it silkens and lightens lifeless hair. The whole formula seemed to make a lot more sense to me when I read that – tomato is plump, bouncy, water-full fruit, nothing like a nut butter that can weigh hair down – but it does still look like a pot of shea butter to me! You have to use it to get the difference in texture. The tomato contains antioxidants which are protecting your hair from further damage from heat and elements as well. It’s also an Allure Best of Beauty Winner 2015. Well deserved, Davines…you always please and delight with your unique formulas.