Essential Brushes Part 1 | Big Fluffy Eye Brush

There are so many options out there in the great expanse of makeup brushes, that it can be dizzying and redundancy can become a growing problem fast if you buy on the impulse. And, if you are just a gadget and tool lover like me, simplicity isn’t always the goal (my justification: more brushes equal less washes too). And as lazy as that is, I sure think like that sometimes. But to simplify is to elevate, and if you have that mindset when it comes to brushes, you will be doing much better in life – and on your bathroom counter, than me if you can narrow your choice down to one. So here’s a high-low comparison of two versions of one essential brush that both essentially do the same work (in a slightly different way) or could complement each other nicely if you just have to have both.

Let’s discuss Essential Brush #1: The Big Fluffy Eye Brush.

This brush is the brush that could, essentially serve as the one brush you own. With this brush you can perform these little tasks very efficiently:

  • base color for eyelids
  • contour for eyelids
  • perfectly set concealer under eyes with powder
  • precise contouring
  • highlighting
  • create blown-out blended eye looks

And, in a pinch, you can powder your whole face, and blush and or bronze with this brush. Not ideal for these uses, but it has been done****

So: the two top candidates on my counter to fill this one slot are the Kevyn Aucoin Contour Brush (bottom), and the BDellium 779 Eye Whopper Brush (top). Both ends of the price spectrum, luxury spectrum, and practicality spectrum.


The Kevyn Aucoin Contour Brush is super soft, and has a well-shaped, dome cut top that smoothly perfects many of the curves and angles of the face. It does this with baby soft goat hair which is luxurious and makes your makeup experience really nice. I love a pampering brush. The handles are a dense and quite beautiful maroon acrylic that you will appreciate if you like to scrub and soap up your brushes, since wood handles tend to drink up the water and eventually split from the moisture expansion. This will never happen with plastic handles. This luxe version goes for $40 which to me, seems reasonable for a tool that will last and last with proper care.

But, for a practical, budget-friendly, quite amazing second option, the Bdellium 779 Eye Whopper is made with all natural fibers and gets you out the door for $12! All of Bdellium’s bright, happy, yellow handled brushes are anti-bacterial and look so cute in the brush cup. But this brush is a workhorse, and does all the jobs the Big Fluffy Eye Brush should. It has densely layered fibers and it more firm to the face than the Kevyn Aucoin version, which works in your favor when pressing in base colors; yet it’s sufficiently soft for under eye powdering, blending, highlighting, and all the lighter-touch functions.

It’s a tough choice, but either by choosing one or one of each, you can’t go wrong with these essential Big Fluffy Eye Brushes.