Prismatic Purple + Lights | RMS Royal

Is general, with RMS, you are guaranteed a glow heavy, dew like and swirling-lights kind of beauty. But this shade from their Lip Shine, Royal, lends to different look, adjusts up to an incredible amount of pigmented intensity easily, and is simply just a beautiful shade of purple suited for the less adventurous adventurous types when it comes to makeup. It plays slightly outside the run of the mill nudes and pinks, but doesn’t necessarily take you down the road to the other side of town…just a slight venture off the norm, which is needed every now and then.

Add to the mixing palette the RMS Master Mixer, a rose gold multi-functional product that can be used as a highlight or to enhance any product with its gorgeous, flattering rose gold light. Use the Master Mixer with the LipShine, and every different level of pigment and shine is at your disposal, depending on how you mix. The master mixer can also be blended with concealer, foundation, or bronzer for a little or a lot of highlight and dimension, depending on what your current mood is. This one little pot is super helpful to have around when your makeup looks “flat” or you just feel like it’s missing something. Couple of swipes of this, and done…

RMS Master Mixer