Zelens Aka-Shiso

This Aka-Shiso Reviving Mineral Shower facial wash equals total refreshment in the current world of balm cleansers, oil cleansers, and the new crop of emollient, deep cleaning powerhouses emerging on the market. Not that I don’t love them, I love my oil and balm cleansers deeply. But every few days, I like to lighten it up and use a gel based or foaming type cream cleanser for a light cleanse that seems to freshen up the face and lets my skin breathe before I add more oil – and I do add more oils, everyday. I am convinced oils are the single most powerful skincare ingredient, even if you have oily skin. Still can’t convince many oil-fearing types of that, but once they try it, they are convinced forever.

DV8T4617Back to the point: while the use of different oils and heavy balms is great nourishment for your skin, a break from the heavy cleansers every few days really work well for my skin, and this cleanser is a terrific option. It’s not harsh, not even close to being harsh, but it does give the skin a thorough cleanse and leaves it outright soft, toned, and oil free. It smells crazy amazing, if slightly masculine, and I kind of want to drink it or douse myself in it (one or the other) every time I use it. I compare the excitement of this scent to the all out chase inducing scent of the The Organic Pharmacy’s Shaving Cream. WHAT is in this stuff? Fragrance secrets are well kept.

Besides the ingenious scent, Aka-Shiso has the unique cooling sensation I would associate only with cold metal on the skin. It’s not minty, tingly or anything in range of those sensations (which I don’t want in my face cleanser at all), but apparently the mineral contents cools this formula to a temperature cooler than most gels, and it results in a feeling so soothing and refreshing, especially on the face (it is indicated for an whole body wash – so for a super indulgent spa – like slightly meditative experience, take it with you to the shower.)


I am alternating this in as a calming, refreshing morning wash and growing addicted to how soft, clean, and cool my skin feels after this washing experience.