Is it hot in here, or did I just forget my PiperWai?


The hottest product to hit our doors so far, who knew, and thanks to Shark Tank the network TV engine, is, of all things, a deodorant. I mean, Chemistry is the place you can go to to find balms for your balms. We have such an amazingly intricate selection of specialty product, I would never have guessed the runaway hit would be, again, a simple deodorant.

And it is simple. Simple but perfect. Regarding PiperWai, there’s actually not that much to say. I can tell you that it is a charcoal miracle in a jar that not only reduces sweating without anti-perspirant, but totally eliminates odor, period. I have put this stuff to test after test; running in the muggy 90 degree Christmas Day heat last December, working all day long, nerve wracking meetings and events, skiing, track meets, it even passes the (shhh…) ‘didn’t have time to shower but gotta go to work’ scratch test.

The only time in the past several months I’ve been caught sniffing myself and cringing, no matter the temperature or the activity: the days that I forgot to put on my PiperWai. It has become a reliable bastion in a world of mediocre to terrible natural deodorant options. I need it, stock up on it, and really have to have it every day.


The consistency is thick, and yes, you just rub it directly into those armpits where it works its magic with a proprietary blend of essential oils, tapioca starch, coconut oil, witch hazel, rose flower water, and the now famous- once lesser known beauty powerhouse, charcoal. Its works all day, sometimes for 24 hours, even after a shower. Natural deodorant, thanks to PiperWai, is having its full-on Cinderella moment. Join the movement…