Airy Cocoon of Hydration | Eve Lom Moisture Mask

Classic, well formulated products that withstand the deluge of trends and fads, and are always are there to fall back on, bear no substitute. Eve Lom is such a classic brand, and a brand that truly bears no substitute. The formulas are just what the skin wants, so right, teeming with silky moisture, and they finish the complexion so well, there’s never a question if you can apply makeup perfectly after. So, not only is your skin going to be a hundred and fifty percent improved by her products, but there’s no downtime so to speak – you are primed and ready to go, and what you won’t need after is primer. Your makeup goes on more smoothly and brushes on more beautifully than ever. True about the entire boutique line Eve Lom, and especially true about her magnificent creation Eve Lom Moisture Mask.

DV8T4802Many, many a moisture mask leaves your skin with a little more slip than is ideal before makeup. Those masks are wonderful before bed, or to sleep in, or after a long day, but if your need is to revive, strengthen, reduce fine lines, and plump before the day or night ahead, you must choose very carefully which mask you use or else you can end up way more *reflective* than you hoped to be. But with The Eve Lom Moisture Mask, you are safe from slick of shine. But with all the benefits of the plumping moisture masks you need.

It’s a matrix of super ingredients like honeysuckle extract, hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, and black oat seed extract, a great skin conditioner. This mask is also delightful to wear since it is a light as air and you do feel a bit like a butterfly sleeping in a cottony cocoon while you are wearing it. Personally being obsessed with cream and gel textures, this consistency fascinates me greatly. I am going through my jar, well, a little too fast.DV8T4807