Essential Brushes Part 2 | The Dense Foundation Brush

There may a bit of redundancy during my little high-low essential brush series for reasons of bias. The first one being that Kevyn Aucoin brushes are some of the most luxurious I have come across, and when I want to be thorough, pampered, or especially polished, they are the brushes I am apt to reach for. But I also have another bias towards BDellium brushes. When I want a great brush with practicality, say for travel, BDellium brushes are all super affordable (read: easy to replace if lost or broken) and also anti-bacterial which puts me at ease when on the road. So, these two brands are my high-low mix of choice and also frequently fill in for one another.

DV8T4836Onto the brushes! The Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Brush feels miraculous and does miraculous things for the face. The brush is most certainly the brush with the most density I have ever seen or used, and the features are:

+ synthetic, so it does not drink up fluid foundations

+ butter soft, a treat to use on the skin, the farthest thing from harsh

+ can be used for liquids, creams or powders, really shines with liquids and creams

+ leaves an amazing poreless, airbrushed finish by deeply blending the product into the texture of the skin.

+ the tapered, domed shape creates the perfect angle for every part of the face and easily works into corners and contours for an unrivaled even look.

+ $82

The most dense brush ever. Kevyn Aucoin The Foundation Brush

Bdellium 957 Precision Kabuki


This little wonder brush does so many tasks and makes foundation application pretty beautiful and super quick, and all for $16.50. The BDellium 975 Precision Kabuki:

+ Is great with both powder and cream or liquid foundations

+ Does a lot of hard blending work fast after foundation ad/or contouring

+ Is perfect for mineral powders

+ Can be used for bronzing – it’s super blending capabilities show with bronzing application

+ Is made from anti-bacterial synthetic fibers

+Makes an amazing gift any makeup wearer will love you for giving them.


Two most loved foundation brushes. Weigh in on your favorite.