I Didn’t Want To Wake Up This Morning

…so I used my newest trick. A splash of cool water, a dab of Zelens amazingly cool Aki-Shiso cleanser, and these Klorane Smoothing and Relaxing Eye PatchesBy the time I get coffee on top of that, I am wide awake. These are new from Klorane, and I really love them! They are gel-like on one side, and soft and fuzzy on the other, so you can wear them as long you like comfortably. While you do, they are plumping and calming with Klorane’s signature ingredient, cornflower extract; also toning, draining, and reversing dark circles with the miracle circulation stimulating ingredient arnica extract; and finally smoothing and strengthening that very delicate under eye skin with chamomile extract.


You wear them for 20 minutes ideally, while you are checking your emails, brushing your hair, rallying the kids, reading the news. They are cooling to the eye for the entire wear time, a super surge of energy to tired eyes, really helpful if you have any pesky allergies that leave you with puffiness or dark circles. These stay put really well as you wear them unlike lots of the eye gels I have tried, so you can do practically anything while you wear them! You can wear them as you commute, if the rest of your makeup is done, the under eye area is left so super soft and primed, just add concealer after you remove them, and you’re good to go. These babies are versatile, recharging, and are going with me anywhere I travel because I know the huge difference arriving looking happy and bright versus dead tired makes.

These are also such a good value when you look at other eye gels out there, a pack of 7 individually wrapped sets for $24. With pure, powerful ingredients, these are by far the best way to make your eye gel mask a habit. I was so excited when I found out a classic French pharmacy company like Klorane was making these, because I knew that it meant great product at decent price and I want to be liberal with my eye gel use!DV8T4396