Viseart Concealer Palette | All Bases Covered

DV8T4884Concealer. It’s one of the keystones of makeup. Imagine perfect makeup, but no concealer; or worse even, bad concealer. Cakey, cracking, off-color, or disappearing concealer. And bad concealer happens. It happens to me all the time, as I can’t really ever do the same type of concealer two days in a row – I always have to tweak it, mix it, or change it altogether just to see what happens. Sometimes it is a formula flaw, an application flaw, a skin flaw – there can be many reasons smooth, healthy, skin-colored under eyes just don’t happen the way you would have hoped. So all this concealer chaos, while fun, can sometimes leave me a little {stressed} when I need to get out the door fast, my memory suddenly failing me as to what worked best.

DV8T4875When the Viseart Corrector Contour Camouflage Palette 01 arrived at Chemistry, I had a feeling though. A feeling that this was going to be a great relationship. I knew my constant cycle of getting sun, or bronzing, then exfoliating and brightening (then lightening up three shades each time) might no longer cause such a conundrum when it comes to concealer. This has every single shade possibility covered, and covered beautifully and smoothly, I might add. I was not convinced of course, until I tried the formula, at which point I decided to marry this palette. It’s going everywhere with me. It offers hands down, the most coverage I’ve ever gotten from a cream concealer with this much slip, and the cream is superior in smoothness, lightweight yet somehow offers remarkably dense coverage, blends into the skin like a much thinner formula, and just looks like skin once it’s on. Whoa.

Not to mention it appeases my need to tweak and change up my concealer mix every day without having to dig through a drawer of concealer tubes, and wonder which ones will mix well together. This palette is a makeup mixer’s dream come true. It even includes two corrector shades,  a green one to counter redness and a red one for combating dark circles (did you know a thin coat of red under your skin toned color concealer nearly cancels out dark circles completely?) Equally amazing is the formula’s thin enough to also work as foundation and this can be your one carry on item for a trip where you want light, beautiful coverage and you may be getting sun, and needing darker shades later on. You could absolutely just take this, and leave behind the foundation and concealers and look amazing the whole time.

Ready for the clincher? This palette is imported from France and contains organic ingredients. No parabens, gluten, petrochemicals, silicone or mineral oils. Clean on top of being simply amazing? I told you I married it.