The TLeClerc Powder Experience

DV8T4549There are powders, and there are powder experiences, or rituals, and T LeClerc has got to be one of the most classic, elegant and beautifying powder experiences. It starts with the iconic silver jar with the silky ribbon and TLeClerc seal. The mesh overlay sifts the powder and it’s reminiscent of sifting flour for cake, a deeply satisfying thing to do in my opinion. All the antique preciousness aside, though, there is hardly a powder that can rival the babyfine finish and texture of T LeClerc‘s blend of powder, even though the company has been around for over a century. It used to be a Hollywood makeup artist secret in the US, while better known in Europe, but since the dawn of the celebrity make up artist, and the internet’s new age of web divulgence, it is now a well known perfection-inducing powder among informed makeup types. It’s based on rice starch, which floats on the skin like air, and also includes zinc oxide which is healing and protective while being beautiful.


Now, for the biggest advantage of these powders: the color choices. There are fourteen shades, some corrective, some made to match skin, some to enhance or bronze. My favorite right now is Apricot. If you have a medium skin tone, and a touch of sun of hint of tan, it beautifies with a golden glow in the most soft, matte of ways. If you are a bit lighter, it makes a warm blush, not quite a bronze, but a way to add a gentle healthy color in the most refined powder you will ever meet.

Check out the swatches,each of them with it’s own special effect:


You can literally collect nearly every shade of these, since they last forever, and having them is like a little art school in a box for your vanity table.