Softly Lit | The Celestial Liquid Lighting

Liquid candlelight, that is. From the minute I started using this highlighter, I have appreciated its gentleness and the true difference a great formula can make. It’s made with micronized spheres since round edges never reflect harshly, and the ultra fine pearl in the blend lends to a subtle but noticeably lit from within glow and not a touch of glitter or even shimmer. It’s a thinner but still voluminous hybrid gel liquid with twelve hour lasting power and anti-aging ingredients like raspberry stem cell extract and bearberry extract built in for skincare and light all in one formula. This company always thinks of your skin, even when it comes to makeup.
The main way I use The Celestial Skin Liquid Lighting is to mix it with my foundation, tinted moisturizer, or sunscreen and it’s bjt like applying the “soften” brush on photoshop. My skin, with more light in it somehow, and less fine lines somehow. It’s addictive, I tell you, and though I rotate between this and Becca Backlight Primer as either my first layer of makeup or a mix in to my first layer of makeup, I’ve been seriously hooked on this nice little slim bottle for weeks, and probably about to add it my upcoming “empties” post at this rate.
Certainly this makes a beautiful and subtle highlight on top of foundation too. And it works great doing both techniques (mix with foundation and spot highlight) – even on the same day. It’s very hard to overdo it with this liquid; it really blends in so beautifully. Ihave even been caught tapping it into my cheekbones and under brows after powder (cringe) but it worked, and it sort of is so waterbased that it works to both set and touch up when used like that.