Lash Ink Dramatic

 Diego Dalla Palma does a lot of different mascaras. And sadly, with only so many opportunities a week to apply mascara (although at times it can feel like a bit of a chore) I can only try and test for wearability a few at a time. And then there’s the problem of falling totally in love with one formula, like I have with Kevyn Aucoin’s The Curling Mascara and never wanting to separt from it. I found out on Cupcakes & Cashmere yesterday that Emily Schuman feels the same way. Validated! Not surprised though. That mascara is one a kind.

But still, I venture out and kick around in the mascara waters quite frequently. And I was delighted when I ventured into Diego Dalla Palma’s pool of eyelash paint. The one I been drawn to first is their Mascara Technico Semipermante. It’s a cool name, and this mascara does the name justice. Its super inky black depth gives instant pow factor the eyes and is becoming my favorite pick for night, photos, anytime I feel I need something …a little bit more. The brush is thick with bristles which I love (never been a fan of the new plastic applicators) and grabs deep down to the lash base when you apply, creating thick, high, dramatic lashes fast.

It wears really really well, and though it doesn’t hold the separation and curl in the perfect bulletproof all-day-all-night kind of way that my Kevyn Aucoin does, it’s drama stays on, and doesn’t budge. As it goes, it can be a tad more work to get off at the end of the day, mostly I found in the under eye area where the pigment wants to stay on the skin slightly longer than other formulas. No problem, though, if you have a good balm cleanser. A few strokes with one of those and it’s gone. And the eyes you had all day long were worth it.