Organic Shower Upgrade

I’ve just found the nicest way to make your shower completely spa-level in its pampering quotient, and no surprise, it’s from The Organic Pharmacy. It’s their Mini Travel Essentials Set ($39)This little shower set packs some amazing aromatic punch, in such a sophisticated, fresh and herbal way. I love all four of these products so much, which is rare for a set, where you usually find one or two things you and others you can do without. But I LOVE every single one of the products in this set; they are all clearly very carefully cultivated and formulated.

DV8T4515The Body Lotion in Rose – isn’t too thick, but is extremely healing with it’s Persian Rose, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera formula. Always perfect for hands and body, and even in winter conditions over Spring Break this made my skin super soft and baby-like.

Rose Shower Gel – this shower gel smells like a rose garden or fresh cut rose stems. Amazing…….amazing, sensory experience for shower or bath, and mine ran out way too fast since I was using it at home not just for travel – so I’m going for the full size asap. It’s super gentle and leaves you clean and softened.

Jasmine High Gloss Shampoo – A gorgeous way to shampoo, with pure essence of jasmine, which again, is a very green leaning jasmine scent; like in a field, not like a perfume. Absolutely no suds – the formula is as clean as they come – but makes your hair care feel so cared for. Not stripping or super clarifying, great for damaged or fragile hair.

Jasmine High Gloss Conditioner – A great medium weight formula that smoothes and again smells so good, like the shampoo but a bit softer. Contains coconut oil, apricot oil, shea butter, honey, aloe…yeah.

Weekend getaways are checked off with this kit plus The Organic Glam Palette and The Viseart Concealer Palette. Literally, three items (Add mascara) and you are set!