Smooth Maker | Phyto Secret De Nuit

Ain’t much one can do to deal with my split ends. They live. They never cease to live. It’s gotta be due to the serious amount of sun and elastic straps I submit my hair to, since I’m not a big blow drier, and hot tools are like kryptonite to my delicate ends therefore I avoid them diligently. But I recently found a new way to deal with the fry (the fried ends that is.) Phyto Secret De Nuit is an innovative treatment that works like an overnight mask for the lengths of your hair, deeply silkening them as you sleep for much smoother, polished hair in the morning. It kind of looks like you had a trim recently (even if you didn’t) after you start using this – it really evens and settles all those wild strays down!


While I did not really notice a progressive effect from this, it makes a dramatic difference immediately and the day of wear, and I think over time my hair will certainly show long-term improvements, since it isn’t nearly as brittle and just won’t snap as easily every time I come at it with a comb or pull it up or down.

The treatment isn’t greasy or oily, just smooth and not as thick as you might think either, plus even though it’s an “overnight” treatment, it’s completely something I can and have worn during the day, especially in drier weather. It contains some pretty power packed stuff including macadamia oil (one of my favorite hydrators) black orchid extract, grape procyanidins, ceramides, and essential fatty acids. It smells really nice, as is to be expected with all Phyto products…see here for more about that. And, using this is certainly giving my hair some more stretch time between cuts.