Naturally Patented | Butter 10X Patent

Left, Butter London 10X Patent in British Khaki. Right, Shop Girl.

I really love painted nails, I do. I just can’t justify the prep, paint and mostly drying time involved when the polish only last a day or two before the chippage begins. But these Butter London 10X Patent colors are changing my world. Count the days, seven. I wore this dark green (the colors that look most obvious when chipped are the dark ones too) for seven days straight, and for the first time in my life I was ready to change colors long before the lacquer started to let me down. I didn’t even use extra topcoat on the days after, as I normally desperately do, and usually maybe only buy an extra day or two anyway. The formula here is mad. It goes on super smooth and shiny, two coats is all you ever need; and it lasts for apparently eons. I guess next run I will have to go on until it actually breaks down and see what that day count is.

The shade lineup includes all the classics, and the to-be-expecteds. Reds, pinks, blues, orange etc..but I enjoyed the counterpoint, and less expected, normally natural colors taken to a shiny patent luster for my first foray into the 10x color wheel. A green leafy shade and a nude kicked up to high gloss opaqueness are really doing the trick for me right now.