That Cannes Glow

Maybe you don’t have the soft breezes and sunset backlight that seem omnipresent on the south coast of France right now, according to the pictures anyway. BUT: Beach-easy, glowing, perfected skin is easy to achieve with classic French beauty products – especially those from LieracThe mask for hydration, the Masque Confort, is a total dream. It’s just soft moisture for your skin, not oily or heavy, but leaves your skin all pillowy and perfected, plus it’s pink. Pink masks are always so girly and delicate, and this mask is the pick-me-up of the pack, great before your makeup or to sleep or fly in. I put it under my makeup if I’m flying – keeps me more plump, and much less dried out during those air-challenged sky times.

If you are really going for the glow, be sure to use a good exfoliator prior to the mask. I favor Zelens PHA+ Bio Peel Resurfacing Facial Pads because, like this mask, they are baby gentle and give you soft, silky skin instantly. They are one of my must haves.

Lierac‘s Lovely Masque Confort

Then, after you all plumped, primed, and prepped, skip the foundation and go for a Parisian favorite tinted moisturizer. Lierac Hyrda Chrono+ Teinte is not just a cool moniker for a ho-hum product, this product is almost a category in itself, since it’s not a foundation, it’s sheerer than most tinted moisturizers, and has a gel to cream texture. It produces an insanely natural this-is-just-me-and-my-glowy-even-skin mirage. I love that I started using this. I do have to add sunscreen on top since it does not contain spf, but that just may be the secret to their beautifying formula. It comes in two shades that cover many complexions since it’s adjustable up and down by at least three shades. It contains light reflecting pigments, natural amino acid and lily-of-the-valley extract and supposedly stimulates the skin’s two types of hydric channels, and I pretty much believe it does. Who said you can’t have you own little Cannes moment this week?

Lierac Hydra Chrono+ Teinte in Sable